Ancestor of the Day


Due to the time of year and only the day prior to Thanksgiving, I consider how my ancestor was reacting to his new home in the New World. Was he leary of spending the next day with the Native American? What about his children? especially his  daughter Remembrance? His wife didn’t make it through the winter in their new land. How did he feel about losing his helpmate?Was he scared? I will never know what he was thinking but I do know how grateful I am to his leaving England and standing up for what he believed.

Issac Allerton

Born 1586 in London. Died 1569 in New Haven, Conneticutt. He married Mary Norris while in Leiden and when the family came to the New World they had three children. Mary died that winter and then Issac married Fear Brewster. He brought with him an apprentice John Hooke from Leiden who was also a victim of that first winter.

The children he shared with Mary was Bartholomew , Remember and Mary. They buried a child in Leiden and she had a child on the way to the New World which was stillborn.

Fear gave him two more children; Sarah and Issac.

Issac was a tailor by trade although he was William Bradford’s assistant and took over his duties while he was sick..He also signed the Mayflower Compact.

It amazes me how these people were so brave to make that long trip going into a place that they didn’t know what to expect. Hats off to you Issac and thank you for your contribution to what we call the United States of America as well as my family.

I Verified and added a few facts from:

This site is a publication of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 



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