what is in a name

My name is Rebie. (Pronounced reebee. ).I spent several years in school being called numerous things including ribbit. My friends and family call me Sandy. What was weird was a couple months ago my uncle found out my name was actually Rebie and he never knew it. Sandy is a derivative of my middle name Sanderson. This was my mother’s maiden name. I never understood why she would name me this, it was not because of tradition I am sure. After I began genealogy I found it was tradition to name a child, especially girl children to have the mother’s maiden name as their middle name.

In today’s world, we are more concerned with pretty names and different names that we fail to pass down family names from one generation to the next. Although my mother did so for reasons beyond my comprehension, I am proud to not only have the middle name of Sanderson, but to don my grandmother’s name Rebie. I have to add I’m guilty of not naming my children after tradition.

As I have glanced into the past of my family I have come across some very odd names. For instance my grandmother – Rebie- father was Manilous Bushrod Wilkins. He had a brother named Junious Wilkins and all of these names were the names of their uncles.

I have fell in love with the name Bushrod and this is what I refer to him by. I tried to get my daughter to name her son this and she blatently said no.

There is a pattern in genealogy I never knew existed, the first boy was named after the father’s father, the second after the mother’s father then to grandparents in that same manner.

Do you have a family name to share?



5 thoughts on “what is in a name

      1. I like the name and it is unusual enough that if I see a family with it I double check for connections. It was used as a first name in families that were mainly PA Dutch and although it was sometimes later spelled as Reason, it was originally Rezin.

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  1. You actually tried to get your daughter to name her son Bushrod?? What did she really tell you … other than no? SMH! If my mom had gone with tradition I would have been Gale Sandiford Manning instead of Gale Elizabeth Manning. I much prefer the latter but if it had been a serious tradition in our family would not have minded the former too much. Thanks for sharing this fun post. Totally enjoyed reading.


    1. Yes, I did. My family don’t understand me but… That’s just a thing. They realize my obsession of the past. Sometimes they humor me sometimes they don’t. This was a case of the don’t. She named him Hunter Kai Bryant instead. Thanks for replying.


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