Ancestors of the Day

Today I am doing a double post… I do not have time on Sunday to do a blog. I set the day aside for the Lord.

I am thinking about my biological grandparents today. I have no idea of their birthdays, death dates or any facts whatsoever except:

The following was derived from the adoption and original birth certificate received from the Vital statistics office in Montgomery, Alabama.

Henry C Hahn married Alice Marie Bennett. Henry was a truck driver from Texas. Alice was born in New York. This information was derives from the birth record of their daughter, Sharon Louise Hahn. My mother. Alice spent some time in Mobile, Alabama, and she remarried a man with the last name of Crowe. The original adoption papers says 1952, the following records says 1953 with the change of name. She gave Weavers address on the birth certificate of Haas Street.

This is a family tale of how the adoption took place. Can’t prove any of it.

My grandmother met Alice while they both were in the hospital in 1951. She was alone and had no where to go and pregnant. My grandmother set her up with a friend of hers who lived across the street from a boarding house in Prichard. Friend’s name was Weaver. My grandmother paid her rent and was trying to help her get on her feet. One day after my mother was born -about 2 months old- Weaver calls my grandmother and tells her Alice has abandoned the baby and she runs over there to find her in a closet, soaking wet, hungry, and near death. My grandmother picks her up and takes her to the doctor. She finds she has the ricketts and needs all kind of TLC. She takes it up the state and begins adoption proceedings. The state finds Alice who signs off on the adoption and she leaves town. She kept in contact with my grandmother, got remarried and was asked to come and do another adoption process with her new married name. After a while, contact was lost. the last thing my grandmother mentioned about the situation was she was sick and in a hospital in Alabama around Huntsville.

I have taken these facts and made a story, if any parts of this story is true, I don’t know.

Alice was working in a restaurant in New York and met this older man Henry. Henry was a truck driver and was on the road a lot. They fell in love, she wanted to visit new places and they were married. After their marriage, Henry got sick and died, around the Mobile area. Alice was pregnant and didn’t know what to do. She stayed and ended up having the baby. She then allowed my grandmother to adopt the baby, She met someone new, ran off with him and married. She wanted to begin a new life without the past attached.

Does any of this make sense… not really. In my ancestral hunt. I found A Henry Hahn in Texas who was buried in early 1951. Is this him. I dont know…


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