In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

In my life, God plays a very significant part. I depend on God for everything, and because I depend so much on him, he allows me to know when something is just not right. A few years ago I was looking for a used mini van for my growing family.  I done the stats online and looked at each van that was offered and came up with the best possible solution, a caravan. They had the least amount of recalls, least amount of problems. I then called all the surrounding used car dealers in my county looking for a caravan. There was about six in the vicinity. Only two with my payment options and price range. I went and looked at the one closest to me and test drove the van. It didn’t feel right, something was wrong. I had prayed God would lead me in  the right direction with this purchase. I just absolutely did not feel good about this one. I passed, I then drove another 30 miles, and came across a van exactly like the one I had just drove, same payments, same down payment, same year… exactly the same. I was like really, I started to leave and God told me to go back and drive the van. Immediately I felt like this van was made just for me. It felt wonderful. I told the guy I would have to think about it and me and my friend went to grab a burger. While I was sitting there eating, God asked me, I told you I would give you the right car and you walked off? Why? I then told my friend I was going back to get van. That afternoon I drove home in my new to me Dodge Caravan. I had the van about 5 years and the only thing I had to do besides pay for it was put tires , brakes, and the regular maintenance. It never left me on the side of the road. Never failed me for one minute, the other van, I called them about a month later and asked them if they still had it, they informed me yes we do, but you don’t want it. A guy had test drove the car about a week after me and the thing caught fire with him driving the van.  I am going to ask you, gut feeling or God? I am convinced it was God leading me away from that sale. I am certainly glad he did.


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