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I regret I did not have this idea prior to his birthday last week.This would have been a great way to say Happy Birthday Daddy I love and miss you profusely.
Marion Lee Walley Jr.
Born 19 Nov 1943 to
June Elaine Wamsley and
Rev Marion Lee Walley Sr.
In Richton, Ms.
Descendent of Gouldsberry Walley and
Susannah Gardner.
He was in the United States Navy from
1963-1983. He served in the Vietnam War as a radarman with rank of petty officer.
He married Sharon Louise Sanderson Jan 1969.
They shared one daughter Rebie Sanderson Walley.
He has two brothers George and Johnny.
He died at the home of his daughter in Helena,Jackson, Mississippi on 10 Feb 2014.he is buried in Sunset Cemetery in Richton, Ms next to his parents.
He was a member of Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Creola,Mobile, Alabama.

Digging up the Dead

When I first began my quest into the realm of genealogy, my mother and I haunted our family’s cemeteries in hopes of discovering some answers. It did offer us some answers but also generated even more questions. On one haunts I came home dirty because Of trying to clean up around some the graves. My husband asked what had happened I told him I needed answers and the only way I could get those answers was to dig up great great grandpa and ask him. He was the key to unlocking the secrets of our past. I then told him to come help me get him out of the car. The look on his face was priceless. No I did not dig him up nor did I bring him home. But…. It would solve some issues.

Ancestor of the Day


Sharon Louise Sanderson
Born to :
Alice Marie Bennett and Henry C Hahn on 27 November 1951 in Mobile, Alabama
Adopted by :
Rebie Louise Sanderson and Willard Lance Sanderson
Attended John Shaw High School in Mobile, Alabama
married Marion Lee Walley Jan 1969
Married James Michael Clark 15 Feb 1988.
Had two daughters:
Rebie Sanderson Walley and
Jaime Micshell Clark
Died in her home in Wilmer, Alabama on Wednesday 21 May 2014 of breast cancer.
Happy Birthday mom.

Ancestor of the Day


Due to the time of year and only the day prior to Thanksgiving, I consider how my ancestor was reacting to his new home in the New World. Was he leary of spending the next day with the Native American? What about his children? especially his  daughter Remembrance? His wife didn’t make it through the winter in their new land. How did he feel about losing his helpmate?Was he scared? I will never know what he was thinking but I do know how grateful I am to his leaving England and standing up for what he believed.

Issac Allerton

Born 1586 in London. Died 1569 in New Haven, Conneticutt. He married Mary Norris while in Leiden and when the family came to the New World they had three children. Mary died that winter and then Issac married Fear Brewster. He brought with him an apprentice John Hooke from Leiden who was also a victim of that first winter.

The children he shared with Mary was Bartholomew , Remember and Mary. They buried a child in Leiden and she had a child on the way to the New World which was stillborn.

Fear gave him two more children; Sarah and Issac.

Issac was a tailor by trade although he was William Bradford’s assistant and took over his duties while he was sick..He also signed the Mayflower Compact.

It amazes me how these people were so brave to make that long trip going into a place that they didn’t know what to expect. Hats off to you Issac and thank you for your contribution to what we call the United States of America as well as my family.

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This site is a publication of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Digging for Roots.”

Growing up I never really felt as if I fit in. I was raised by my grandmother while my dad was in the navy and my mother followed him. Due to this I spent time with them but did not have the time to begin relationships before moving on. Because of this I became a loner and tended to do more of things that didn’t require other people.
The only friends I really kept longer than a year was the few relationships I had while in middle school.
As an adult I have began to wonder more about who I really am.

My mother was adopted. We have recently obtained her adoption records but have had no luck in finding her mother prior or since her adoption in 1952. We have both parents name and only families ideas of who this woman was.
I intend to do the DNA testing through ancestry to see if I can gain some sort of idea. Regardless of this I feel a connection to her adopted mothers family. It will absolutely tear me up if I ever find out I am not really a part of that family.
In the past few years I have connected with my dads family and am currently finding my place in his family. But I have a need to find my mother’s biological family because of the traits that have been evident that came from her side of the family that haunts me and my children.

what is in a name

My name is Rebie. (Pronounced reebee. ).I spent several years in school being called numerous things including ribbit. My friends and family call me Sandy. What was weird was a couple months ago my uncle found out my name was actually Rebie and he never knew it. Sandy is a derivative of my middle name Sanderson. This was my mother’s maiden name. I never understood why she would name me this, it was not because of tradition I am sure. After I began genealogy I found it was tradition to name a child, especially girl children to have the mother’s maiden name as their middle name.

In today’s world, we are more concerned with pretty names and different names that we fail to pass down family names from one generation to the next. Although my mother did so for reasons beyond my comprehension, I am proud to not only have the middle name of Sanderson, but to don my grandmother’s name Rebie. I have to add I’m guilty of not naming my children after tradition.

As I have glanced into the past of my family I have come across some very odd names. For instance my grandmother – Rebie- father was Manilous Bushrod Wilkins. He had a brother named Junious Wilkins and all of these names were the names of their uncles.

I have fell in love with the name Bushrod and this is what I refer to him by. I tried to get my daughter to name her son this and she blatently said no.

There is a pattern in genealogy I never knew existed, the first boy was named after the father’s father, the second after the mother’s father then to grandparents in that same manner.

Do you have a family name to share?



Howdy folks!!! I have never done this before so please bear with me. A little bit about myself. I am first a blood bought child of God. Second a wife and thirdly a mother to five stepmother to four and together we share 19 grandchildren. As a little girl growing up in my grandmother’s house I used to love to look through the pictures and ask who was this. I’m sure it drove her crazy but she never let on it did. When I was fifteen she passed on to a better life god had waiting on her. A few years back I began to dig into the family history and fell in love with ancestry. I have taken genealogy classes online and at the library. I am currently in my second year of college at Ashford university to get my bachelors degree in history. I am also in the process of being certified as a research genealogist. I am currently working on the Roley family who moved from Illinois to Mobile around 1900. I would love to hear from you and if i could be of assistance please let me know. God bless you and have a very nice Thanksgiving!!!

What a day!!!

Got up at 5 am to pick my daughter up from work then take my granddaughter an hour away to the dentist, went by so she could see her great-grandmother and then to the insurance office. Get to the insurance office and my car is running hot! Scared to drive it I call my oldest son and he comes to the rescue. Finally got home at 5pm this afternoon and then had to get my daughter back to work, with no sleep I might add, and here I am sitting at McDonald trying to get my final paper into my professor before the deadline at 12 am.

I actually thought I would get some ancestry into today. NOT!!! I have got got to either proves or disprove Elisha Roley is the father of William Roley who married Sarah Elizabeth Brown in Effingham before moving to Mobile, Alabama.