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Is what you are living for worth dying for?

In church the other night a question was posed to the congregation. “Is what you are living for worth dying for?” If it’s not then its not worth living for either. Too many people work more than forty hours a week. They possibly have more than one job. Mom’s are working in order to provide better objects for their children, in addition to Hubby’s income. Are we sending the right message to our children? Are we saying that the new video game our kids want is worth our blood pressure from working too many hours? Are we allowing our children to understand its okay to go to the river on Sunday, after all God and consequently your soul is not as important as going out on the boat. After all, I’ve saved for five years and worked every Sunday for the past year, just so I could buy this boat.
Are we working to buy new toys or are we working to further the kingdom of God. Again I ask is what you are living for worth dying for?