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Ancestor of the day

Elizabeth McLain Walley
Born to John Alexander McLain and
Mary Matilda Norris
On 4 October 1835 in Grafton,Greene,Mississippi.
She married Willis Berry Walley in 1854
They continued to live and raise a family in the same area.
They had nine children who made it to adulthood.
Thomas Walley married Sarah Jane Candace Brewer
Minerva married Haywood Alan Meadows
Zechariah married Rebecca Evaline Meadows
James Abner married Josephine Meadows
And Callie Smith
Sidney Albert married Mary Jane Pope
Elizabeth married Neil Freeman
Barbara Ann married Simeon B Brewer
Joseph Eagleston married Nancy Elizabeth
Missouri married Alexander Freeman
Alexander married Laura Meadows.
Nebraska married AB Byrd
There’s a descrepency in the month she died some say Aug others Nov. I tend to believe August.
29 August 1892
She is buried in Frisco Cemetery on Walley land in Richton, Mississippi .

She is my third great grandmother. If only I had known her all my questions would surely have been answered.
Grandma take care of all your babies in heaven we will meet one day.


Ancestor of the Day


Sharon Louise Sanderson
Born to :
Alice Marie Bennett and Henry C Hahn on 27 November 1951 in Mobile, Alabama
Adopted by :
Rebie Louise Sanderson and Willard Lance Sanderson
Attended John Shaw High School in Mobile, Alabama
married Marion Lee Walley Jan 1969
Married James Michael Clark 15 Feb 1988.
Had two daughters:
Rebie Sanderson Walley and
Jaime Micshell Clark
Died in her home in Wilmer, Alabama on Wednesday 21 May 2014 of breast cancer.
Happy Birthday mom.